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The circumpunct of Guayedra. The creator Logos

Symbolic analysis of the Guayedra´s Circumpuct.

   The circle is first an extended point, participates in its perfection. Also point and circle have common symbolic properties: perfection, homogeneity, absence of distinction or division. The circle can also symbolize not the hidden perfections of the primordial point but the effects created otherwise the world as soon as it is distinguished from its principle the concentric circles represent the degrees of being the created hierarchies they all constitute the universal manifestation of the Unique Being and Not Manifested.

In all this the circle is considered in its totality undivided circular movement is perfect immutable without beginning or end or variations what enables it to symbolize the time that is defined as a continuous and invariable succession of instants all identical to each other. The circle will also symbolize the sky of circular and unchangeable movement ... the center is the father of the circle ... On another plane of interpretation, the sky itself becomes a symbol of the invisible and transcendent spiritual world. but more directly the circle symbolizes the cosmic sky, and particularly in its relations with the earth. 

In this context, the circle symbolizes the activity of the Sun, its dynamic insertion in the, causality its exemplarity, its provident role; that is why it links with the symbols of the divinity inclined towards creation, whose life regulates and orders. According to texts philosophers and theologians, the circle can symbolize the divinity with, not only in its immutability, but also in its diffusive goodness as origin, subsistence and consummation of all things, the Christian tradition will say: as Alpha and Omega.

N.º de inventario 3206 - GUAYEDRA

In the same center, your unit is perfect; if they separate a little from it they differ little; if they separate, they differ more. In short, insofar as they are closer to being, they are mutual union, for that reason it is more intimate; to the extent that they are further away from it, the difference between them increases. The circle has surely been one of the first symbols drawn by man. It is simple to draw, it is a form visible daily in nature, seen in the sky as the disks of the sun and the moon, in the forms of animals and plants and in geological structures.

The circular shape has imitated the roundness of the visible horizon, making each construction a small world in itself. The circle represents completeness and totality. In an ancient alchemical treatise it reads: "Make a circle of man and woman, and draw a square outside it, and a triangle outside the square, make a circle and you will have the stone of the philosophers."

The circle has been used as a symbol of Eternity and Unity. As eternity because it has no beginning or end and always returns to the same point. Also for this reason it symbolizes the Universe, there is no point where it begins or where it has an end, then everything contains it and there is nothing outside it, therefore it is also a symbol of Unity, especially when the center is present as symbol of the first manifestation.

N.º de inventario 3060 - GUAYEDRA
It also symbolizes Destiny, Fate or Need and the cyclic law because as the wheel of life revolves the cycles return marking in nature the repetition and renewal of life cycles and in human history the eternal return of the archetypes.

The circumpunct symbolizes that as children of God and center of Creation that we are, within us we have all the power and all the wisdom we will need in our life. We are the circumpunct.

The Representation of the image in four concentric circles, 2 + 2, has given rise to another interpretation: the union of two opposite principles, how heaven and earth, good and evil, day and night, yin and yang, and of all values that such opposites are carriers.

  Ouroboros, which symbolizes the cycle of evolution, contains at the same time the ideas of movement, self-fertilization continuity and consequently of perpetual return.

    The point symbolizes the limit state of the fraction of the volume, the center, the origin, the focus, the beginning of the emanation and the Term of return. Designate the creative power and the end of all things. Its mystical center is the Cup that leads to the universal spirit.

N.º de inventario 3074- GUAYEDRA


"God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere." - Hermes Trimegisto "The point is the most primitive and fundamental symbol of all". -
​ Manly P. Hall 


Resultado de imagen de Diccionario de los símbolos . Jean Chevalier - Alain gheerbrant

-Diccionario de los símbolos .  Jean Chevalier - Alain gheerbrant 


-Pintaderas de el Museo Canario M.ª del Carmen Cruz de Mercadal Teresa Delgado Darias Javier Velasco Vázquez


Geometría sagrada, bases naturales, científicas y pitagóricas por Jesús Zatón Santiago

(GRAN CANARIA) por Celso Martín de Guzmán

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